Handstand Over MACBA


About this artwork

This is the first chapter of the [Arrachea Sphere] series, and it represents the fusion between his passion for doing the handstand and the attractiveness that the MACBA (Museo de Arte Contemporáneo de Barcelona) building in Barcelona produces in himself.

He created it in 2019, after leaving Buenos Aires and moving to Barcelona.

It belongs to a series that consisted of designing abstractions of the objects and activities that he loves.

Furthermore, he designed for each object an environment where he composes a three-dimensional space inherent in this.

He called this series, which contains four chapters, [Arrachea’s Sphere]

From The Artist

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Instagram: @agustin.arrachea

Agustín Arrachea
Argentinian Industrial Designer obsessed with objects. He represents ideas trough objects contained in dreamy architectural environments.


This is a gallery-quality art print on 240g recycled paper.

Each art print is listed by sheet size and features a minimum one-centimeter border.

The 50x70cm poster contains a 5 cm white border.

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Handstand Over MACBA


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